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Hydro Jetting
Picture of hydro jetting with high water spray at 4000 psi

Hydro jetting


Oftentimes, a simple rooter isn’t effective enough to unclog your pipes. Older plumbing may have corroded materials that are too tough for the rooter blades to cut through, or your piping may have too many turns that limit the force the rooter uses to thrust through clogs. In kitchens or many commercial drains, grease buildup can be too tough for rooter blades as well, and though these may temporarily unclog your pipes, it’s likely that you will continually experience difficulties that can cost you a fortune in plumbing visits down the road.


That’s where hydro jetting comes in. Hydro jetting is the process of forcing jet streams of cold water through your pipe lines under extremely high pressure. The pressure is not enough to damage your pipes, but it’s great enough to cut through grease and material buildup while forcing it through the entire length of your pipes and into the sewer.Hydro jetting is the best and most effective drain and pipe cleaning service for any problem clogs or draining issues that aren’t caused by damaged pipes.


Jetters & Snakes can help you diagnose if hydro jetting will fix your plumbing issues by running a fiber optic video camera through your drainage system. If the camera determines that all of your pipes are healthy but just significantly clogged, hydro jetting will fix your plumbing issues without the cost of re-piping or any intrusion to your landscape. Check our special offer for free money-savings coupons.   

Rooter Services
picture of our sewer machine
Rooter Services


Jetters & Snakes offers traditional rooter services to unclog almost any household drain. A rooter is a mechanism that consists of a spool of cabling and a high-tension spring. A series of metal blades are attached to the end of the cabling, and spin as the cabling is dispensed through your water piping. The spinning blades will scrape the walls of your plumbing lines, and usually free up and remove debris that may be the source of a clogged drain. Water is flushed through the pipe as the rooter cabling is removed, clearing up the sources of most standard clogs and flushing them out of your sewer line, into the sewer.


This service is typically a quick and effective way to remove common water line clogs or drain clogs in home plumbing systems, but if clogs are present due to grease build up in kitchen sink clogs, or especially in commercial drains at restaurants or other larger buildings, a rooter may not be as effective for long-term clog removal. If grease or similar substances have built up in your drain, check out our hydro jetting services for a more effective fix.


Sometimes a broken or bellied pipe can have the symptoms of typical drain clogs. If you have a recurring clog that a traditional rooter seems to only fix temporarily, a fiber optic camera inspection of your pipes may reveal a larger issue that requires a different fix altogether. Call Jetters & Snakes to schedule a free consultation and inspection if you’ve experienced any type of drain problem, and make sure it gets fixed right.

Drain Cleaning
picture of our sewer machine in a bathroom sink drain
Drain Cleaning


If you are experiencing water back up or slow draining in your kitchen or bathroom sinks, you may need to use Jetters & Snakes’ professional drain cleaning services. Clogged drains are caused by several different factors, and properly diagnosing them will allow for the most permanent fix. A clogged bathroom sink or bathtub drain caused by build up from normal use can usually be fixed by traditional and inexpensive rooter services.


If the kitchen sink is backed up from excessive food waste or grease buildup in your garbage disposal and drain pipes Hydro jetting may be necessary to effectively remove all of the grease and corrosion that traditional rooters will not permanently clear up.


Sometimes drains can move slowly because of damaged or corroded water pipes that either trap buildup or waste, or just reduce the pipe area causing water to move slowly or not at all. If you’re experiencing these difficulties, Jetters & Snakes can properly diagnose all of your pipe problems by utilizing the latest technologies in video camera inspection so you can be sure your problem gets fixed the right way the first time.


Whatever the cause of your drain problems, Jetters & Snakes will get to the root of it and fix it! You can count on us to clear any drain clog and replace any damaged pipes or sewer lines better than any other plumbing service. 

Garbage Disposal
installing a garbage disposal
Garbage Disposal Installation


No home appliance gets hit with more abuse than the old, reliable garbage disposal. Though most people drain whatever they can down the sink, and won’t dare reach into the sink drain to retrieve large food items that get stuck down there without first giving the disposal a spin, few realize that the average garbage disposal is designed to handle light food residue only. Large pieces of food or large amounts of grease that get poured down the drain will not get fully processed by your disposal and can build up. Eventually, this can significantly damage your pipes, causing the need for intense plumbing measures such as hydro jetting or kitchen re-piping in order to get your water lines running properly again.


It’s important to know that if your kitchen sink drain has clogging problems and you have a dishwasher, you may experience dirty water back-flowing into your dishwasher since the dirty dishwater is designed to drain through your sink lines. If you are experiencing drain clogs in your sink and notice your dishes coming out dirty after running the dishwasher, call Jetters & Snakes right away to fix your clogging issues!


Large pieces of food can burn out your disposal as well, causing the need for replacement. Know that most disposals have a red reset button located under the main unit, so try pressing this first. Disposals may not run because a small item, like silverware, bottle caps or coins can jam the disposal blades, so check if this is the case by peering in with a flashlight, but never put your hand inside of the disposal near the blades. Try dislodging it with a tool instead and make sure the unit is off before doing so. If none of these home remedies work, call Jetters & Snakes today! We’ll get a technician to your home quicker than any other plumbing company. We also guarantee all of our pricing up front, and we’ll check your kitchen’s pipes as well to make sure everything is running like it should. We suggest a Evolution Series or a Badger Series.


Camera Drain Inspection
picture of our video sewer camera
Camera Drain Inspection


Whether we are jetting a house  or snaking your home's pipes to check for leaks or Blockages, Jetters & Snakes believes in having the right tools for the job at hand, and in some cases, it's a camera! Our expert technicians can perform a complete diagnostic via a pipe camera inspection with a specialized camera on the end of a custom pipe snake.

Los Angeles County pipes and drains get clogged up over time. They also deteriorate slowly, and eventually require maintenance, which is why routine drain and sewer inspection with a video camera is not only necessary, but essential in order to keep your plumbing systems safe, reliable, and flowing hassle-free.

What is a pipe camera inspection?
The closed-circuit TV camera that Jetter & Snakes utilizes is a both a diagnostic method and a tool that identifies a plumbing pipe or drain problem. A small camera can be pushed into a pipe, varying in size from 2 inches to 8 inches, that will allow us to perform an actual "visual inspection" of your pipes and drains via the latest camera monitoring system.

What are the benefits of a pipe camera inspection?
We can instantly view any potential problems in your piping systems in real time, quickly identifying any root-impacted, collapsed, bellied, or dis-joined drain lines and transfer the picture onto a thumb drive or card. This allows us to accurately estimate repair time and the required materials needed, which saves you valuable time and money. We can often save customers thousands of dollars by inspecting a line to locate identify the plumbing problem without digging.


Kitchen Fixtures Installation
Kitchen sink faucet leaking water
Kitchen Fixtures Installation


Whenever you’re considering upgrading your kitchen, whether it’s a new kitchen sink, garbage disposal, dishwasher or other appliances that utilize water or gas, you’ll want to make sure your connections are professionally installed in order for your new appliances to perform at their optimum levels and maximum energy-efficiency.


Every dishwasher is connected to your kitchen sink’s water lines and depends on your sinks drainage system to flush used dish water out of the appliance and down the sink drain. If your sink’s drain is clogged from food or grease residue, it can cause dirty water to back up into your dishwasher.


Jetters & Snakes can install any brand of dishwasher, and ensure your sink water lines and drainage lines are clean and properly attached so you get the best use possible out of your new appliance for years to come. Jetters & Snakes can also install water lines to new refrigerators that have ice makers or water filtration devices to ensure their maximum efficiency and dispensing speed.


If you decide to install a new sink basin or faucet, At Jetters & Snakes we can help with that as well. Ensuring kitchen water pipes and drains are in optimum condition to support new appliances encompass some of Jetters & Snakes’s most common jobs. If you’re upgrading your kitchen and invested your hard earned money into new energy-efficient products, leave it up to the Jetters & Snakes technician to ensure they are attached and working properly so you can achieve the fullest benefits from your upgrades.


Bathroom Fixtures Installation
picture of a bathroom faucet
picture of a elongated toilet
picture of a shower
 A picture of a bathtub faucet
Bathroom Fixtures Installation


Toilets cause more plumbing problems than any other fixture in your home or building, and constitute the highest percentage of your water bill as well! Unless your toilet was made after the new millennium, it probably uses about 3.5 gallons of water with each flush, and likely contributes to roughly 40% of your total water usage. If you’re thinking about calling Jetters & Snakes because of toilet issues, consider replacing your old toilets with new more efficient designs. Most new toilets use less than half the water and have equal or better flushing power. The money you use to upgrade will likely pay for itself after a few billing cycles from your utility company.


If you’re hearing your toilets run, this can be an exceptional expense as well—a running toilet can waste 10s, even hundreds of gallons of water daily, as the noise you hear is actually water draining down the toilet’s overflow tube because there is a leak somewhere in the tank. The problem is usually an aged or degraded flush valve assembly, though sometimes a corroded overflow pipe can cause the toilet to run as well.


Jetters & Snakes can also help with the installation of new showers, baths and bathroom sinks, and can always fix any water pressure issues or clogs in any of your current bathroom fixtures. Whether it’s a basic basin, tub and shower design or the most elaborate fixture with multiple water jets, Jetter & Snakes can handle it all.


If you’re having any troubles with a clogged or leaky toilet, sink, shower or tub, or you just need installation help with your home remodeling or upgrades, give Jetters & Snakes a call for a free consultation. We will discuss the issue and send one of our technicians out quicker than anyone else. We’ll also give you installation or repair costs up front, and guarantee all of our pricing and work.


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